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Runners Analysis

Prepare for Running at Physioflexx

Running participation is on the increase with the highest number of running events now being organised. Running however, is a high-risk activity with an injury rate of up to 50 - 85 % during any 12 month period. Do you want to be the best you can be? Do you want to help yourself stay injury free and keep moving?

Here at Physioflexx we have a dedicated team of Physiotherapists who want to help you do just that….

We offer a runners analysis that helps to identify key areas that may leave you open to injury or might even be holding you back from the best you can be! Our runners screen explores common biomechanical deficits found in injured runners. There will be particular focus on functional screening and movement analysis to help implement a strength and condition programme tailored to your individual needs which will help to REDUCE injury risk and IMPROVE performance.
Our running analysis is not only aimed at established runners but for those who are thinking about starting, so whether you are a novice, recreational or competitive runner why not call us today and get booked in for a session 01560 483 200.

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